How To Identify a Failing EGR System

In a motor vehicle, the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) System is responsible for recirculating exhaust gases back into the vehicle’s intake. This reduces overall temperatures and emissions. So, when an EGR System is not running up-to-par, the effects can become troublesome. This includes increased emissions, performance issues, and reduced engine life. Here are a few symptoms to look out for.

1. Rough idle.

Rough idling is characterized by any vibration, sounds, or smells that emit when the vehicle is idling. Some drivers will report a shaking or a feeling that the car may not stay on for much longer.

2. Decreased engine performance.

This includes increased fuel consumption, any noises coming from the engine, or a reduction in power and acceleration. While this symptom may not be immediately recognizable, the driver will be able to pick up on warning signs fairly quickly when the engine stops performing normally.

3. Check engine light.

This one is fairly obvious, but knowing why the check engine light may be coming on is important in staying ahead of any issues. If the check engine light comes on while being accompanied by any of the other symptoms listed above, it’s worth getting the vehicle checked out for a failing EGR System.

EGR System

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