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The Ugly Fix™

US Patent No. 10,001,087

Installation Instructions:

Turn the key off. Find the altimeter/Barometric Pressure Sensor. It is located in the wiring harness above starter. (see illustration below)

Barometric Pressure Sensor

It has a black, pink, gray wire in the harness .

  1. Clip the zip ties and loosen the harness for easy access.

  2. Slide the red tab to the left to unlock. At the end of the plug by the wires, squeeze the back to unlock.

  3. Unplug the barometric pressure sensor and place in a safe place in the vehicle.(do not loose)

  4. Plug in the Ugly Fix and lock red tab.

  5. Take the new chip and place back by the wiring harness and zip tie back into place.

  6. Crank the engine and look on the dash board clusters for engine light. (Check engine) If out, all is installed correctly.

  7. EGR is regulated and your turbo should be boosting.

  8. Note: If engine light is on, re-check installation.