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US Patent No. 10,001,087

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McArdle Enterprises has developed a device to make 2002 through 2006 Detroit Diesel 12.7 and 14.0 liter engines run smoother, while helping with fuel savings, along with an increase in power. We have been testing this on various Detroit diesel engines in our fleet.

Understanding Detroit Engines and EGR Flow

When Detroit Diesel Engines are started, the EGR flow is operating at around 50%. You normally will hear a whooshing sound at idle. This is the EGR sound. The crossover pipe extending from the EGR cooler to the intake connection will get extremely hot. The VNT turbo actuator will move the veins inside to a more open position to compensate the low oxygen environment. This causes the engine to run at a rough idle. Now, as you draw power from the engine, the EGR will close the flow to approximately 7 to 10 %. This will help in with the engine performance somewhat. Then throughout the driving event the EGR will open back to the 50% to flow exhaust and the crankcase vapors through the engine to be re-burned.
You the driver would notice this by the lack of engine performance, black smoke, and sometimes a coughing. Then the EGR will close back to 7 to 10%. This happens numerous times a day.
Now, when this happens carbon flakes will recycle back through the intake and into the cylinder along with oil smoke/vapor. Over time this method of getting rid of the NOX coming from the engine and into the atmosphere will cause the entire system to clog with a nice paste. If that isn't enough the hard carbon flakes will score the cylinder walls. Over time, this will damage the top end of the engine to the point of having to rebuild it prematurely. Not enough damage there? Carbon, Sulfuric acid, Nitric acids which are highly corrosive get past the piston rings and into the oil. The engine oil that is lubricating the engine is now an acid bath. As you well know, within 3 to 4 days after an oil change the oil is black and almost to the point that you can't read the dip stick.

How our product will change your engine.

Our product is an electronic chip that utilizes programs in the ECM to in fact stops the EGR function. Now, with our chip plugged into the system you will see a big difference in the engine performance. You will see it stops the Hesitation, Surging, Coughing, Black Smoke. The engine will have less vibration. there will be more responsive power for the fact the turbo lag goes away. The Horse power increase will be around 75. (which is lost through EGR). A 5 to 7 pounds of oil pressure increase & cleaner oil. No engine Llght will produced from our chip. Also see a MPG Increase in most cases because of the fact the hotter energy burn and having to use less peddle to get the same effect as before. Engine runs cooler up to 20 degrees because there is not hot EGR flow going back through the engine as before. More mileage between oil changes for the fact of cleaner oil. You will notice that when shifting the engine fall slower and it is easer to get it into gear. Engine runs as pre EGR. Fits on 2003 through 2007 trucks with 14.0 and 12.7 Detroit engines.

Our product is called The Ugly fix™. This chip will fix all the ugly things that the Detroit Diesel engines with EGR's do. It's built with high grade components and sealed for all weather conditions. Easy installation, and can be installed in about 5 to 30 minutes. We have stopped the nightmares of the Detroit EGR engines.
For outside of the US and Canada

This product will not work on Australian or New Zealand Detroit engines.. Nor will our competitors. There is no where to plug it in.