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Picture above is for general purpose and might not reflect your engine style.

Installation Instructions

  1. Locate the wiring harness behind or beside the intake manifold.

  2. The barometric pressure sensor has a rubber protective flap over top.

  3. Pull back the flap to expose the sensor.

  4. Cut the tape and the zip ties/cable ties or just leave if you would like.

  5. Slide the tab lock to the left to unlock.

  6. Back by the wire connection, squeeze the back second locking mechanism and remove the sensor.

  7. Plug the Ugly Fix™ back into the wire harness. Slide the red locking tab to the right to lock it in.

  8. Take the zip ties/cable ties and secure it back to the main wire harness.

  9. Your Done

Note: Sometimes the old sensor can be difficult to remove for the fact it has been there for a while so be patient.

Now when the key is turned on the EGR will go to the closed position and stay there.