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After eight months of trials, McArdle Enterprises LLC is proud to bring you The Ugly Fix™ for ISX/ISM/ISC performance engines. Just like its brother, which was originally designed for Detroit Diesel engines, this ISX/ISM/ISC EGR performance kit is built to the highest of standards and meets world wide RoHS Compliances. The ISX/ISM/ISC EGR performance kit is a plug and play, which means no cutting wires to install and no removal of any equipment required. Our module will keep the EGR closed at all times, allowing you to achieve the maximum performance out of your ISX/ISM/ISC EGR engine. The Ugly Fix™ is built in the United States and comes with a lifetime warranty.


The Ugly Fix™ EGR performance kit for ISX/ISM/ISC will help keep your engine oil cleaner by not allowing the carbons and acids from flowing through the engine and getting into the engine oil. By stopping the exhaust from flowing, the ISX/ISM/ISC EGR delete module helps the engine to run cooler. This will also stop Hesitation, Surging, Coughing, and Black Smoke because the cylinder burn is more efficient. The engine should produce less vibration because it is not trying to burn a dead product, giving the engine more responsive power and an increase in oil pressure. Installation of the ISX/ISM/ISC EGR performance module only takes about 15 minutes and there will not be an engine light. In most cases you will see an increase in MPG (There is no set increase on MPG gain, each engine varies). Note: The EGR system must be fully functional (Not sticking). Contact us today at (704) 315-5249, for more information or to purchase The Ugly Fix™ for your ISX/ISM/ISC !

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