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1. How does The Ugly Fix work?
Our product goes through the ECM to shut off the EGR by closing it.

2. Does your EGR have to be working properly?
Yes, the EGR valve does need to work properly. Our product closes the valve, so if it's stuck, sticking, or real dirty where it can not close our product will not work properly.

3. Can this product be picked up rather than shipped?
Yes, we are located at 3401 Saint Vardell Lane Suite K Charlotte, NC 28217

4. Does this product boost my turbo?
No, our product doesn't change any settings on the turbo. Yes you get more power with our product. Where the more power comes from is when your EGR valve is opening, your turbo is boosting, so you do not get that full power from the turbo because of the EGR getting in the way. So when the EGR is shut off with our product you get the power back that was already there, you just weren't seeing it fully.

5. Will The Ugly Fix harm my ECM?
No, our product will not harm anything on the truck.

6. Will The Ugly Fix work for my engine?
Our Detroit product works with 2003-2007 trucks and 2002-2006 engines (series 60, 12.7L & 14L)
Our Cummins product works with 2003-2011 trucks and 2002-2010 engines (Cummins ISX, ISM, ISC)
Also works with Cummins ISL engines 2007 and up
We are currently testing the Cummins engines with the DEF fluid.

7. What is the warranty?
90 days for a refund, and 1 year limited warranty

8. What are some of the effects from The Ugly Fix?
Some of the things you will notice is better fuel mileage (0.4-1+ mpg increase), more power, cooler engine, less vibration, smoother shifting, more responsive power, cleaner oil, and so much more!

If your question(s) were not answered, call our office and we will be glad to assist the best we can!
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