Improving Your C ISX, ISM, ISC, ISL Engines

Optimizing fuel efficiency is the easiest way to save money. When you are able to do this for each truck in your fleet, this can add up to some serious savings. This is where The Ugly Fix for C ISX, ISM, ISC, and ISL engines comes into play. It’s the ultimate one-stop shop for fuel efficiency, engine performance, and comprehensive truck optimization.

Save fuel.

On average, The Ugly Fix for C ISX, ISM, ISC, ISL offers fuel savings from 0.4 tenths of a mile per gallon to 1.5 miles per gallon after installation. Gas prices are consistently on the rise. This can add up to thousands of dollars in savings in a year’s time. Multiply this by the number of trucks in your fleet and you can see how The Ugly Fix is a worthwhile choice.

Beyond a simple fix.

The Ugly Fix is not a simple fix. In fact, unlike adding simple resistors, gauges, lights, or tubes - The Ugly Fix provides consistent and reliable performance optimization for C ISX, ISM, ISC, ISL trucks. The Ugly Fix offers a remedy for slow throttle response, vibrations, missing, coughing, surging, and hesitations. All in one ugly (but not quick) fix.

At The Ugly Fix, we believe in offering a well-rounded solution to the issues facing C ISX, ISM, ISC, ISLfleets. With our performance module, we go above and beyond to serve you and your fleet.