The Ugly Fix Makes Fuel Savings Possible for EGR Engines

The biggest aspect of fleet services that is up for improvement is fuel consumption. For both driving and resting times (if the truck is idling), fuel consumption can become pretty costly. For large fleet services, this means a pretty hefty overall cost just in terms of fuel. However, with performance module kits from The Ugly Fix, fuel savings for EGR engines is not only possible, but it’s what they’re designed for.

The Ugly Fix improves engine efficiency and increases the throttle response.

For C ISX, ISM, ISC, and ISL engines, The Ugly Fix is able to increase fuel savings (on average) from 0.4 tenths of a mile per gallon to 1.5 miles per gallon. When considering the number of trucks in a fleet, this engine efficiency can truly add up.

It decreases missing, coughing, engine surging, and turbo hesitations.

Some of the biggest reasons why EGR engines consume fuel so rapidly is when they are subject to troubles like missing and coughing. These instances can not only inefficiently use fuel but also have some serious wear and tear on the engine. However, with The Ugly Fix, you see an overall reduction in surging, hesitations, and much more issues with the engine.

At The Ugly Fix, we know how important fuel savings can be for your C ISX, ISM, ISC, and ISL fleet. That’s why we designed The Ugly Fix with this in mind. After all, with fuel prices steadily rising every year, it’s never been a better time to get ahead of the game.