Your Winter Ready Detroit Diesel 60 Series

Long distance and short distance truckers all have the same anguishing predicament in the upcoming months. The winter, especially if you’re driving in the midwest and east coast, is not a friendly time for drivers. Ice produces on the road, your cabin temperatures drop, vision becomes impaired by fog, the list goes on and on. These conditions take a toll on your truck. It’s important to know how to get a winter-ready Detroit Diesel 60 Series.

An EGR Delete Kit is an elaborate system working to make your engine a smoother and workable part for your truck. The Ugly Fix EGR Delete kit will amplify your engine in many ways. When you remove the EGR, your truck and engine are able to block out any addition soot and, ultimately, produce better fuel economy. During winter months, the likeliness of soot and outside filth polluting your engine increases. Your engine itself will run at least 20% cooler, use less energy and make it a better long-haul drive for you.

You’re more likely to idle your truck during winter months. You’re going to want to keep warm and use light sooner because of Daylight Savings Time. Whatever your use may be, an EGR Delete Kit is efficient on many levels.

Winter Ready Detroit Diesel

You can consider The Ugly Fix EGR Delete Kit as a precautionary measure for the winter months. We like to think it’s essential for any month though. But, as a sure way to be safe and get the most of our machine, it’s better to have this technology on the road with you. The temperature won’t be getting any warmer any time soon. So, prepare your engine in the best way possible with The Ugly Fix.