Save Fuel with the Trucking Company You Trust the Most

We say it all the time, but it’s because it’s true: without truck drivers, America would stop. We worked diligently to create something that would service these truck drivers. And, what better way to take care of them than by making sure that their tool, the one thing they use daily, is running at its absolute best? We created The Ugly Fix so that trucks could save fuel and run more efficiently.

A Holiday Thank You to Save Fuel

So, we want to say thank you in the best way that we know how. We’re offering 20% off all online orders! From December 22nd to January 5th, you can use the coupon code, “holiday”, at checkout to save on your purchase. Since our offices will be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, any orders after 3 pm on Friday, December 21st will ship on the 27th. And, since we’ll be closed on New Years, any orders made after 3 pm will ship on January 2nd.

For many Americans, and truck drivers especially, it’s important to know that you’re shopping with a company that you trust. For many drivers, it’s also important to build relationships while on the road. When you’re away from family or friends, the road becomes your new way of building friendships. With The Ugly Fix, we’re not just installing a better option for your truck, we’re building a business that you can trust and come to for years.

If you’ve got a fleet, or you’re self-employed, you could benefit from this product—so get to shopping!