Hanak Enterprises Inc. Gets Approved for Another Cummins Patent

About three years ago, Hanak Enterprises Inc. filed for a new patent. This is a new patent in the sense that this officially cancels out any other copy cats we had. The patent finally got approved in December of last year. It now feels as though we’re entering a new chapter for the company. With the end of the Mid-America Trucking Show last month, we can readily prepare for the large mass of business that we’ve thankfully been having. This Cummins Patent getting approval is one more step in the right direction.

Cummins Patent 10,151,280

Our patent still has everything to do with the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR). This is a terrible problem with engines running on long-haul trucks. It is a problem that we’ve worked years to correct. Now, this is our solution. The EGR power module is configured for a wire harness. This is an altimetric/barometric pressure sensor for an engine that includes a set of wires and a circuit. Basically, this EGR power module controls the EGR systems of internal combustion engines and methods of use thereof.

Why the EGR Power Module is Important

There are rhyme and reason as to why we’ve worked so hard to get this patent approved. Most notably, modern engines now require EGR to meet emissions standards. We saw a problem in the industry since the technology was very expensive over the long haul. Modern diesel engines operate with excess air and use EGR rates as high as 50%. So, NOx emissions in the exhaust that are recirculated back into the cylinder can increase engine wear and tear.

Our design meets these disadvantages head on. Our power module controls the EGR system of an engine so that there is improved efficiency without having to remove or modify the EGR system in place. As mentioned above, this may include wires and a circuit. This provides resistance and/or a steady electrical current flow.

Because of this Cummins patent, engines will emit less EGR and they will have a longer life span. Long-haul truckers rely on their trucks to get them places. While they’re out delivering, being idle and driving thousands of miles has an effect on the engine. The last thing you want to do is burn through an engine. We are making sure that your mode of transportation lasts longer and doesn’t emit harsh gasses into the world. It’s our way of fixing a problem and ensuring that you’re on the road safely.