Trucking Industry Goes Green with The Ugly Fix

For an industry that includes driving across the nation, it might be hard to see how you can go “green”. With so many miles logged, your engine is constantly burning fuel. But, there is a solution. Technology and innovation at our facility have allowed us to come up with something great. Using The Ugly Fix, the trucking industry goes green. With this customization, you’ll be able to take your part in lowering gas emissions. It’s an effort towards a more green and sustainable Earth.

The Trucking Industry Goes Green

Truck drivers play an incredible role in bringing produce and products all over the United States. Because of truck drivers, farmers are able to get their produce into grocery stores for people to eat. Because of this, finding a solution to all the fuel used is essential. We were motivated by this fact to create a patent and product that could help with this problem. Traveling long distances most often to lead to filling up several times along the way. With The Ugly Fix, drivers won’t have to stop as often. At least, not for fuel. Time saved from stopping to fuel can be used to continue to travel or rest. When you add that up, that’s a lot of time saved.

How It Works

After eight long months, we came up with a customized part for long-haul trucks. This is something that will provide cleaner engine oil, stop excessive engine heat, stop carbon and acids from entering the engine, and so much more. In 15 minutes, a Diesel or Cummins truck could be equipped and ready to start saving fuel (and money). EGR reduces the performance of your engine. But, when The Ugly fix is installed, this problem goes away—and so does the soot deposits and a large number of emissions.

Deciding to go green with The Ugly Fix has other perks as well. Saving money is a big factor. As well as saving time. The amount of money you’ll be saving on fuel will be noticeable and appreciated. It’s a big reason to consider this for a long-haul truck. If a fleet of trucks is involved, this is a great solution for all of them.