Trucking Tips for Winter—The Ugly Fix's Guide to Staying Safe

These trucking tips for winter will come in handy whether you're a brand-new driver or a veteran trucker. You may be surprised to learn that about 70% of roads in the United States are in snowy areas. Travel across the country means traveling through lots of these places. Don’t take a chance this winter. Read more to learn winter safety tips for driving.

Stay hydrated

This may seem like it has nothing to do with winter, but it actually does. With the colder weather comes ice and snow. And that means danger. Drinking enough water is actually one of the best ways to stay focused. That means staying hydrated is a matter of safety, for you and everyone else on the road.

Always have a bag of salt on hand

With the possibility of icy roads, having salt on hand is never a bad idea. Putting salt on the ice makes the ice have a lower freezing point. So, the ice melts and makes the roads safer to drive on.

Take it slow

This should be obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to keep in mind. Even if you are confident in your driving, the drivers around you may not be. With icy and snowy roads come slippery surfaces and increased risk. Veer on the safe side and keep your speeds low this winter.

Get an EGR Delete kit

If you’re a truck driver and you don’t know about this handy mechanism, you should! The EGR Delete Kit allows you to stop refueling so often. That’s because it makes your engine run smoother and cleaner. Also, your engine will stall less often. All of this means you won’t have to worry about stopping as much, and you’ll have more time to focus on the roads. And that’s important— especially with the wintery weather.

Hopefully, you've learned some trucking tips for winter that will keep you safe this season. Read about The Ugly Fix’s engine deleter and more on our website.