Get Your Truck Ready for Spring: Save Energy and Money in 2020

The seasons are about to change, so it's time to get your truck ready for spring. As the winter slowly fades, thoughts of a new season and opportunities come to mind. What better time than now to make a change that will have a long-lasting impact? If you’re a truck driver, you spend the majority of your day on the road. It only makes sense to make sure you have the most economic, energy-efficient engine possible. Don’t let your engine’s performance be slowed down anymore.

Make your engine work smarter

You don’t have to make a ton of repairs to make your engine run faster and more efficiently. Skip the trip to the mechanic and install this straightforward remedy for your engine troubles.

The Ugly Fix’s EGR delete kit will make your engine work smarter, not harder. This customized car part will stop your engine from producing unnecessary heat and prevent carbon and acids from coming into the engine. The Ugly Fix created and approved the product after eight months of trials with the highest standards in mind. We built the delete kit specifically to make ISX/ISM/ISC engines work in the most efficient way, to save you valuable time and energy.

The easiest fix you could ask for

What’s even better: the installation is super simple and requires no equipment. And the process only takes 15 minutes! There’s not much more you could ask for. This easy installation will stop your exhaust from flowing and prevent surging, coughing, black smoke, and hesitation. What does all of that mean? You’ll spend less time making stops to refill the gas tank and more time on the road. You’ll get to your destination faster and be more productive in your work schedule. Don't wait— get your truck ready for long journeys now.