Truck Driving Tips Every Trucker Should Know

If you're a veteran trucker, you probably have some tips and tricks that make your life a little easier. Some people might look at truck driving as a job with little skill. But the reality is that it’s a job few people can do well. Being a good trucker takes more of a mental effort than anything. Whatever your driving experience is, here are some trucker tips to keep in the back of your mind while you're on the road.

Take breaks

It might seem counterintuitive to take more breaks. Doesn’t that mean you’ll take longer to get to your destination? Actually, taking breaks to rest, get food, check on the truck, or stretch is a key way to maintaining safety for you and everyone on the road. After all, if you’re not awake or alert while you’re driving, you’re not at your peak performance.

Take care of yourself and the truck

This is probably the most important tips if you're a trucker. Making sure your health is in check (including levels of sleep, food, and water) should be first priority. Obviously, your truck should be in good shape, too. Check your tires and make sure they're inflated well. Also, the engine is one of the most important things to keep in check. Something you may not know about is a handy installment that can make truck maintenance a lot easier. By stopping the flow of acids and carbon, the EGR delete kit keeps your engine oil clean and stops the exhaust from flowing.

Leave plenty of space in front of the rig

This is important not only for your safety but also for all the drivers around you. Making sure there is ample space between you and the next car ahead will leave extra time for you to brake safely. Since trucks weigh significantly more than standard vehicles, they take longer to stop. Combine that with the amount of time it takes for you to react to someone braking, and you have a tricky situation. No matter how slow the driver in front of you is going, avoid the trouble and back up.

Be prepared

An essential part of being prepared is performing a pre-trip inspection before every trip. It may seem like you’ll be fine if you skip out on this, but don’t get lazy and take that risk. Another precaution is getting a good GPS, preferably one specifically for truck drivers. Especially since you’ll be in new places everyday, it’s not a bad idea to have paper maps as back up if your GPS isn't working for some reason. Lastly, expect things to sometimes not go as planned. No matter how much you prepare, you'll probably get lost or your truck will break down at some point. Do your best to stay calm and collected, and you'll get through the situation easier than if you had panicked.