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EGR Performance Module for C ISM/ISC/ISL 10 Pack The Ugly Fix™
EGR Performance Module for C ISM/ISC/ISL 10 Pack The Ugly Fixâ„¢

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US PATENT NO. 10,151,280
For all C ISM/ISC engines 2002 through 2010
Truck Fit year 2003 through 2011
ISL Engines 2007 and up
  • How our product will change your engine.

    Our product is an electronic chip that utilizes programs in the ECM to in fact stops the EGR function. Now, with our chip plugged into the system you will see a big difference in the engine performance. You will see it stops the Hesitation, Surging, Coughing, Black Smoke. The engine will have less vibration. there will be more responsive power for the fact the turbo lag goes away. The Horse power increase will be around 75. (which is lost through EGR). A 5 to 7 pounds of oil pressure increase & cleaner oil. No engine light will produced from our chip. Also see a MPG Increase in most cases because of the fact the hotter energy burn and having to use less peddle to get the same effect as before. Engine runs cooler up to 20 degrees because there is not hot EGR flow going back through the engine as before. More mileage between oil changes for the fact of cleaner oil. You will notice that when shifting the engine fall slower and it is easer to get it into gear. Engine runs as pre EGR. Fits on 2003 through 2010 trucks with C ISM/ISC engines. ISL engines 2007 and up.

    Our product is called The Ugly fix™. This chip will fix all the ugly things that the Cummins engines with EGR's do. It's built with high grade components and sealed for all weather conditions. Easy installation, and can be installed in about 5 to 30 minutes. We have stopped the nightmares of the Cummins EGR engines.
    Please keep in mind, this product will not fix a broken EGR valve. The valve must be working and clean (not stuck or sticking) in order for our product to work properly.

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